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AoK in Bellbottom Arts Mag!

Got my hands on the new edition of Bellbottom Arts Mag today! I was so thrilled when I read the awesome article about Art of Kindness! Author, Anna Dowd, has captured the essence of our intention beautifully. 

Bellbottom is a powerful advocate for the local Bellingen arts community, and as a Bello-based initiative, we are so grateful for their enthusiasm and support:

"Can art change the world? Take a bunch of all ages creatives and an online gallery raising funds for charities around the globe – and the answer is a definitive yes..." read more

Bello is a gorgeous little town with heaps of heart and a thriving creative community, so it's the perfect place to launch Art of Kindness. We are calling on local artists and makers to get behind our intention to use creativity and cooperation to make a difference in the world, by adding an original piece to our online gallery.  

Every artwork helps us fill the gallery and get the ball rolling so we can gain momentum and make an impact. Based in beautiful Bello... we are promoting artists and selling original work Australia-wide. Radical cooperation... real change...

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