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Letter to an Artist

Ok, from one artist to another... let’s get real. The art we create is an expression from the soul. It can feel pretty vulnerable when we put it out there in the world.

But let’s be vulnerable and brave together — because as creative, sensitive or intuitive people, our talent is a powerful force that the world desperately needs right now.

Artists strike a chord that resonates, moves and inspires people. It can cross boundaries, call forth our shared humanity and provide connection. 

As artists, nothing gives us greater joy than when our art is truly seen and appreciated. But if, like me, your sense of purpose goes deeper and also includes making a contribution to help heal the world, Art of Kindness provides a portal to make that happen. 

Our intention is to provide an easy way for you to contribute your talent for the good of the planet. 

It takes a big heart to consider donating one of your precious pieces of artwork, I really get that. But when you gift a piece into our care, you can be certain that Art of Kindness will donate 100% of the profits to charity.

Our gallery space is made to include every artist! There is no place for competition or judgment here. We are an egalitarian space where the work of artists of all ages is displayed and celebrated. Amateur dabblers (like me), talented kids, emerging creatives and experienced professionals – are all warmly invited to get involved. 

By selecting the cause you are most passionate about from our list of ethical charity partners, you control where AoK will donate half the profits. The other half is directed to the buyer’s chosen charity. 

Art of Kindness calls you to use your artistic voice to help the planet heal and evolve. Please, share your gift. Help make a difference.

Megan Hibberd- Art of Kindness

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