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Rescuing Dogs with Art

What's the connection between original art and rescuing dogs? Artists like Annelie Dahlen! Not only has she fostered rescue dogs for many years, but she is also donating the proceeds of her gorgeous artwork to RSPCA to help other dogs in crisis.

Many of the artists who join forces with Art of Kindness are deeply passionate about a certain cause, and they embrace the opportunity our gallery offers to use their art to raise vital funds for their favourite Charity Partner.

For Annelie, that Charity Partner is RSPCA, a natural fit for a person who has dedicated years to rescuing and fostering abandoned or homeless dogs. 

"RSPCA is my chosen charity for Art of Kindness as they stand for what I stand for. Animal Rights and a voice for the voiceless!" said Annelie.

She has created this adorable portrait called 'Succour For You' for the Art of Kindness gallery, in the hope that her art will connect with an animal-loving buyer, who will make a generous donation to RSPCA possible by purchasing this gorgeous original painting. And this support means the world to the folks at RSPCA:

"Annelie’s tribute to her rescue dogs is such a lovely way to support animals in need," said Kelly Ingram, Events and Fundraising Coordinator at RSPCA. "The funds donated from the sale of this beautiful artwork will help other rescue animals get the happy ‘furever’ after they deserve. We are so grateful for Art of Kindness and everyone that contributes to, or purchases from, the RSPCA Collection." 

How did Annelie become the amazing animal carer and activist that she is today? It all started nearly 20 years ago...

"We have three furbabies... Schmuffy, Pepper and Lollipop, the three dogs in this portrait. But our journey started many years ago when an unloved, unwanted staffy came into our lives. Not long after we rescued Boof, we got a puppy, Poppet... then, before we knew it a very tiny chihuahua named Pixl came into our lives from a broken home. So we were a happy little dog furmily with three little sweethearts. 

Caring for these dogs meant so much to us, as we saw them transform from their troubled beginnings into healthy, happy, much-loved members of the family."

"We want the world to know that fostering saves lives," said Annelie.

"As much as we want them with us furever, this is impossible and Boofy, Poppet and Pixl are no longer with us. This was traumatic for us, but their sad passing gave room for Schmuffy, who had a very traumatised history, sweet rescue dog Lollipop, and our little tripod Pepper (we are back to three, yay). 

With Pepper's adoption came my first interest in 'giving back' to the rescue foundation that performed several expensive operations to save her life. This started my fundraising with pet portraits through the dog Instagram community, and I've created many, many paintings since then to raise funds for dogs in crisis." 

"That's why I was so happy to discover Art of Kindness, where I could join a collective of caring artists, buyers and charities, and continue my work to help dogs with my art on this new platform!" said Annelie.


We are so touched by Annelie's story, and know her art will inspire others to get involved by purchasing art in support of RSPCA, contributing their own artwork to Art of Kindness, or perhaps even deciding to care for a rescue dog themselves! 

Please support Annelie and our other generous artists by purchasing an original work from our RSPCA Collection. It's your chance to give a dog a second chance.

"I hope there will be some animal lovers willing to help more dogs with me? How amazing!" – Annelie

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