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Rory's Story

Leading the Way

14 year old budding artist, Rory is a very special young man to us here at the Art of Kindness. He was the first artist to officially contribute an original work, so he is leading the way by getting behind our intention, showcasing our gallery, and inspiring other artists to get involved. Thanks Rory!


Rory recently received Highly Commended in the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery Young Archie competition! He said,

"When you see the goodness in others, you see the beauty in yourself."

Such wisdom and clarity from this big-hearted young artist! We're really proud to show Rory's work to the world. And we are also grateful that, in making the generous choice to contribute art to AoK, he will inspire other teen artists to get involved and make a difference.

Croc River by Rory for Art of Kindness

Rory's acrylic on canvas original painting, titled, 'Croc River', shows his confident original style (we love those quirky crocs!) and beautiful use of bright colour. Snap up ‘Croc River’ from the Art of Kindness gallery to support this budding artist with a huge heart! 

"I'm 14 and I've been painting since I was 5 years old. I paint for fun... I can go to another place when I paint..." he said.

This lifelong passion for painting was rewarded when he won 2nd prize for the youth category at the Jacaranda art show in Grafton. A young artist with a bright future!

Rory created the piece below for an art show called 'Dear Dyslexia' – a competition for contestants of all ages with degrees of dyslexia. We feel this painting shows exciting artistic potential, with beautiful use of figures, shapes, colour and symbolism. The jumbled confusion of letters, alongside bright optimistic colours and smiling faces, speaks volumes about how he approaches and overcomes the challenges of living with dyslexia.



The Charity Partner Rory has chosen to support is the RSPCA because he loves animals and nature – you can choose where the other half of profits go when you purchase his piece. Click the button below to support Rory in making such a generous contribution for charity.

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Amanda Austin on

WOW, just WOW ❤️ What a talent and a beautiful being

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