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The Common Good gives Art of Kindness the thumbs up!

Michael Hornby, CEO of The Common Good, just sent us this beautiful letter of thanks. It's a great feeling to know that our Charity Partners really understand and appreciate our intention to harness creativity and empathy to support their essential work in the world. 

Michael writes:

We are so grateful to be a beneficiary charity of Art of Kindness.

This is such a wonderful initiative that, through the inspiration and talent of artists to make available their beautiful art for the enjoyment of the customer, delivers hope for important causes.

For The Common Good it is particularly relevant. We support lifesaving medical research and health innovation tackling the challenges that will impact on 90% of Australians. We back the talented researchers who, without any job security, dedicate their lives to improve ours.

We apply 100% of all donations directly to the scientists and medical teams who work tirelessly to achieve breakthroughs, small and large, which are making huge inroads already.

To be a beneficiary of Art of Kindness not only provides the vital funding but also serves to remind these researchers that we all care about what they do. This is true kindness. And it is a kindness that has the potential to be returned through the health of someone you love.

To the artists – thank you for sharing your gift. To the purchasers I hope that the pleasure the work brings is matched by the knowledge that it will change lives. In grateful appreciation,

Michael Hornby
Chief Executive Officer 
The Common Good


Who We Are

The Common Good is all of us working together to give precious time to researchers, so they can give more time to us and those we love to live happier, healthier, longer lives.

Using the power of us all, we can sustainably fund innovative medical discoveries that will profoundly improve and save lives.

We believe in The Common Good because it makes things real in three important ways:

  1. We make what we do tangible. We’ve quantified that every $44 donated = 1 hour of research time.
  2. The research we fund is focussed on real outcomes. We focus on funding innovative research that has the potential to have a very real and profound impact.
  3. We dare to be different to maximise the impact. We operate commercial businesses to help self-fund our charitable operations

Select The Common Good as your fav Charity Partner at checkout when you purchase an original work to help fund medical innovation and breakthroughs.

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