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The Majik Frog that changed lives

How a young artist, Lily, and an inspiring buyer, Tracey, made a special connection that raised funds for ground-breaking medical research. 


At just 11 years old, creative and caring Lily from Bellingen wasn't sure that her colourful pastel drawing Majik Frog was 'good enough' to be shared with Art of Kindness.

The drawing was created in a wonderful kids art class at Sawtell Art Group, with encouragement from tutor Pene Charles to explore her unique sense of colour, and Lily put the finishing touches on her frog at home.

(As Lily's mum, and an artist myself, I sat on my hands to avoid 'helping' Lily in any way... and am proud to report I did not make a single contribution to Lily's frog lol).

After a little reassurance, Lily shared her artwork with Art of Kindness, and was proud to see her work displayed in our online gallery and promoted on social media. She chose The Common Good as her Charity Partner:

"I just feel so sad when I think about people dealing with incurable illnesses," she said.

Within just one day, Majik Frog was snapped up by a buyer in Sydney we had never met, making Lily's drawing one of the first pieces to be sold through the Art of Kindness gallery! Beyond exciting! 


This success story became even more powerful when Tracey, the buyer, sent Lily this message: 

"It's a beautiful piece Lily, you're a very talented artist. I love it because:
1. It's Purple (my favourite colour) 
2. It's a Majik Frog (everyone could do with a little majik in their lives) and 
3. Your chosen charity supports Medical Research (I'm currently fighting terminal cancer)

Thank you so much ❤ "


Wow! This literally brought a tear to my eye, not only because of Tracey's kindness and generosity of spirit in the face of heartbreaking challenges, but also because I was witnessing the Art of Kindness in action – serving the exact purpose I created it for! Wow, and wow.


For Lily as a budding artist, this was a wonderful affirmation that someone saw and appreciated her talent. 

She was so moved by Tracey's message, Lily was eager to write a personal note to include when we posted the piece. I could see how proud and excited she felt. Knowing she had the power to make an impact with her art was so much more important to her than the $10 she received (her 20% of funds).  

When she saw Tracey's response below, Lily did an actual happy dance.

"Hi Lily,
I just wanted to let you know that your Majik Frog has arrived at his new home and he is even more majikal 'in person'. Also, thank you so much for the lovely note. I can't believe how talented you are at only 11 years old ... can't wait to see what you do next 💜 "

Thank you Tracey!

Art of Kindness is not just about a buyer purchasing an original work of art: there is a special connection forged between the artist and the buyer. They are united by a shared love of art, and a shared intention to make a difference. 


100% of the profits from the sale of Lily's Majik Frog went to The Common Good – an amazing initiative funding medical research and cutting edge discoveries that improve and save lives.

Michael Hornby, CEO of the Common Good said: "To the artists – thank you for sharing your gift. To the purchasers I hope that the pleasure the work brings is matched by the knowledge that it will change lives. 

To be a beneficiary of Art of Kindness not only provides the vital funding but also serves to remind these researchers that we all care about what they do. This is true kindness. And it is a kindness that has the potential to be returned through the health of someone you love."

Inspiring and empowering the next
generation of creative change-makers...

At Art of Kindness we get so much joy from connecting arty peeps and art lovers with the causes they care about. Every original piece we sell has a wonderful story that connects an artist, a buyer, the Charity Partners they support, and the lives that are changed as a result.

Lily is now busy creating more artworks. She feels encouraged to keep exploring her love of art, inspired to care about her community, and empowered to make contribution an ongoing part of her life.

What a powerful and positive formative experience for a budding artist. It truly was a little bit of majik...



With the launch of AoK Kids & Teens, we are inviting young artists and makers of all ages and levels of experience to get involved, share their art with the world, and feel the buzz that comes from making a real difference where it's needed most! Find out more...

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Gwen johansen on

Fantastic art, loved the colours. You are such a beautiful young lady. Congrats 💗

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