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About Us

Hi, I’m Megan (and that's my dog Abbee)

Art of Kindness is my creative response to challenging times. We're harnessing the power of creativity and kindness to make a real difference in the real world, giving each artist a platform where they can share their art in support of a cause they are passionate about.

As an artist, it’s a wonderful feeling when my art is truly seen and appreciated. But my sense of purpose goes deeper and also includes making a contribution to help heal the world.

When I realised I was not alone – that many artists have a similar inspiration to make a difference – the idea for Art of Kindness was born.

My vision is to build a vibrant online gallery celebrating artists and makers of all ages and backgrounds. I'm passionate about nurturing each person's unique creative voice, encouraging shy artists out into the open, and giving artists a welcoming, inclusive and non-judging space where their work is seen, appreciated and supported.

I believe the world desperately needs the life-affirming, connective power of creativity, generosity and cooperation - now more than ever in these troubling, divisive times.

It's also about connecting our artists with buyers to fund life-changing charities across a spectrum of causes. I invite you to join the Art of Kindness network of generous people, all working together to make positive change happen. 

MEGAN HIBBERD, Creator of Art of Kindness



  • Empower artists of all ages to share their talents to make a difference.
  • Create a thriving online gallery where art of all kinds is celebrated.
  • Inspire supporters to buy an original artwork.
  • Pour the combined power of these contributions into ethical charitiesby ensuring all net profits are donated to the gutsy people on the frontlines of change across a spectrum of causes.
  • Ignite in artistic kids a lifelong passion for using their creativity to contribute.
  • Build a flourishing, loving and connected community of creatives who celebrate, uplift and encourage each other.

What the world needs now...

The planet doesn’t need more competition, self interest, division and conflict. We need more creativity, inspiration, kindness, collaboration and contribution. Our gallery is for artists of all kinds, of all ages: from passionate hobby artists (like me), to experienced professional artists, to creative kids and teens. All styles and voices are warmly welcomed and celebrated. We love igniting in kids a life-long passion for using their talents in service of their community and the world.

Our supporters are people who love art, who love the artist in their life or who love the idea of a kinder, fairer planet – or all three! Supporters make it all possible. So, if we each contribute a small part of the unique talent or resource we have to offer, and channel that combined power in the direction of kindness and contribution, together we can create a real shift in the world.

Please help us make the Art of Kindness possible.