all profits go to charity

Share Your Art... Make a Difference

When you sell a piece through our gallery, you can be certain that 100% of net profits go to the cause you're passionate about. It takes a big heart to contribute one of your precious pieces of original art, we really appreciate that. But you can make a huge impact with your creativity and generosity! Join us... 


You get exposure: Our online gallery showcases your art, and includes your story and links to your own website, portfolio and social media pages. Promoting and selling Australia-wide.

Your costs are covered: You receive 30% of your nominated price toward your out-of-pocket costs.  

You choose the charity: You make an impact where it matters most to you by selecting the cause you’re most passionate about from our diverse list of charity partners

It’s easy: The art stays in your possession until sold. No need to frame or mount your work – all we need is a photo of the piece.

You get the +vibe: It feels good to create art... it feels great to create change.


Yes, you! Artists and makers of all ages and creative backgrounds belong in our gallery...

Professional Artists:  Will you lead the way by adding your beautiful work to our gallery? Your support can help lift our movement up to the next level of credibility and impact, and inspire others artists to get involved.

Talented Dabblers:  Even if you’ve never considered selling your work before, we need your art to add to the diversity and vivid range of styles in our gallery!

Creative Kids & Teens:  Your talent and untamed spirit never fail to bowl me over – I can’t wait to share your art with the world (a parent can sign on your behalf).  More about AoK Kids & Teens


IT'S SO EASY – all you need to do is email a good photo of the original artwork you'd like to sell in the Art of Kindness gallery. We will reply with an easy online form that parents can complete to give us a few details and permission. The form also includes the list of Charity Partners so you can choose the cause you care about the most. 

Find out what can and can't be sold in the Art of Kindness Gallery.



Keep in mind that, through their shared love of art and intention to make a difference, the artist and buyer form a real connection. When a buyer hangs your precious original work on their wall, they don't just have a beautiful artwork to enjoy... the art is special because it comes with a touching story, and is a constant reminder of your generosity and the donation to charity you made possible.

  • We have set a minimum price for all artworks of $50.
  • We add shipping onto the artist's nominated price (calculated according to size and weight), so the price displayed is all-inclusive for the buyer (we email artists a pre-paid shipping label to stick onto the package). 
  • We encourage all artists not to undervalue their work, and to list their work at a price commensurate with the quality and impact of the piece.
  • The value of art is subjective, and based on many factors, but in the end you need to set a price you are comfortable with, and for which you would be happy to part with the piece.
  • If you're unsure about pricing, just ask us



We'll load your artwork into the gallery and promote on social media. When the artwork is sold, you just need to package it up safely and pop it into the nearest Australia Post Office.

Once the piece is received by the buyer in good order and condition, Art of Kindness will go ahead and distribute the funds (after shipping allowance is deducted from the total, if applicable):

Art of Kindness Share Your Art