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Easy Guide to Sharing Art



    Take a photo of your original artwork:

    > use the highest resolution in both your camera/phone and email settings

    > align all four edges of the photo frame with the edges of the art

    > make sure light is good, with no shadows over the piece

    > if the work is framed, make sure the frame is included in the photo

    > don't cut off any of the edges - we will crop the image neatly when we load it into the gallery

    > we’d also love a photo of you, the artist/maker (optional)


    Email to Art of Kindness:

    > Send images to


    Sign the Form

    We will email you a simple online form, which includes:

    > the price you'd like to charge for your art

    > your Charity Partner selection

    > your name, bio, and a few details we need for admin purposes

    > links you’d like to include to your own portfolio/website/social media pages

    > title, size, media and materials of the piece

    > kids/teens under 18 can choose to include their age and the town they're from (only first names will be displayed) - a parent needs to sign

    Contact me if you have any questions – I'm here to help: