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How it Works

Art of Kindness is an art broker, and we act as an intermediary for the artist. Our role is to promote the artist and their work, coordinate with buyers and Charity Partners, and process each artwork from loading the art into our gallery to the sale and distribution of funds.


  • The artist signs an Artist Agreement to contribute a piece of original artwork to Art of Kindness, verifying the authenticity and condition of the piece. 
    • A mutually agreed price and the Artist's chosen Charity Partner will be included in the agreement.
    • Shipping allowance is added to the agreed price. Insured shipping is usually between $15 and $70, calculated according to the size and weight of the artwork.
    • Minimum pricing for any artwork is $50 (+shipping).

  • Art of Kindness displays an image of the piece in our online gallery, along with artist bio and any links to their own portfolio/online presence they wish to include.
    • The art remains the artist’s property and in their possession until sold.


  • A supporter chooses the art and buys it via the Art of Kindness online gallery.
    • Funds are held in a holding account by Art of Kindness.


  • The piece is shipped directly from the artist to the buyer. 
  • Insured shipping is allowed for in the price of the art, and organised by Art of Kindness:
    • Art of Kindness will email the artist a pre-paid printable shipping label.
    • The artist commits to packaging the art safely (eg protecting using a tube or firm cardboard) and dropping it into an Australia Post Office (or for very large/heavy works, leaving it near the front door during an agreed window of time for courier pickup). 
    • Where the address is in a remote area, the package may need to be sent from / to the nearest delivery centre.


  • Funds are distributed by the Art of Kindness once the buyer confirms receipt of the original art in good condition:
    • The shipping cost is deducted first, and after that, 30% of funds are for the artist (unless they choose to waive this), 30% goes to Art of Kindness to cover marketing expenses, with the remainder (= net profit) directed to the Charity Partner chosen by the artist.
    • (If the artist selected the 'Buyer's Choice' option, the donation goes to the Charity Partner selected by the buyer).
      • The charities will send the artist (or their parent) a tax-deductible receipt for the donation, which is made by AoK on behalf and in the name of the artist selling the work. 


    • A Gallery Notes Card is sent to the buyer with the details of the artist, title and details of the piece, and the chosen charities.
    • A Gratitude Certificate is emailed to the artist 


    We understand how important it is to deliver integrity, transparency and certainty. All proceeds from the sale of art and contributions made to charities are processed via an Art of Kindness holding account.


    We are committed to joining forces with ethical charities who are transparent and effective in the real world so we can reassure our Art of Kindness community that all their contributions will go where the help is needed most.

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